"The internet is a series of tubes!" - Ted Stevens

With the internet growing more homogenized and monopolized, and opportunities for self-expression becoming more strangled and sanitized, I think it's more important than ever that everyone have the ability to build their own place on the internet, whether it's a simple HTML page or an ornate reactive site using the latest JS frameworks. You never know when an insecure billionaire is going to buy the website you use as your main social media page, or Congress is going to decide to ban the app you rely on for your small business' marketing. But your own space? Nobody can take that away as long as you have an internet connection and a text editor.

I want to try and make some simple web development tutorials, and that's what'll be here. There are a lot of tutorials and guides on the internet for that, but being blunt, a lot of them are very difficult for someone without a technical background to understand. It's alienating to a lot of people. I worked in media and communications before I went back to school for tech. Like to think I was pretty good at it. I want to try and use those skills to make easy-to-understand guides that anyone can follow to make web development more accessible than ever.

Tricky part is I don't do much web design, and I can't stand JavaScript. So it'll be a learning experience for me too!