From TTRPG characters to furry characters to original characters for original stories, there are a number of fictional weirdos bouncing around my brain. Art of them will be posted here long-term! Primarily commissions, but an occasional stray doodle may show up. I'm much more of a musician than an artist though.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME ART MIGHT CONTAIN VIOLENCE, SUGGESTIVE/SEXUAL THEMES, OR OTHERWISE BE INAPPROPRIATE FOR SOME YOUNGER VIEWERS. While most of the art I intend to post is unremarkable and safe, there are going to be exceptions. This is all in compliance with Neocities terms and conditions. ("You understand that information available to you through Neocities may include materials that are unedited, sexually explicit or offensive to you and that your access to such materials is at your own risk.")

In other words, view at your own risk!

Seriously, there's a link to my FurAffinity account on my external links page. You're a smart cookie, you can put two and two together here. This isn't a porn gallery, but don't be upset if you see something a little risque.

Or maybe a lot risque. You don't know, you're not my dad.